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Empowering Resilience

Californians can now access resources to better protect themselves and their community before disaster strikes.

Californai ALL

Our people centered approach to boost wildfire and emergency preparedness.

History shows our most vulnerable suffer the most when disaster strikes. Now California is doing something about it...

Empowering people who have been hard to reach, or socially isolated all across the state by giving them the right type of support to safeguard themselves, their families, and their communities from the next disaster. Delivered by people and groups you trust.

California is taking advantage of 'blue sky days' to prepare our communities.
We are leveraging the power of volunteerism while ensuring preparedness support and information is not only limited to those who have been privileged enough to access, understand and afford it. Gavin Newsom Govenor of California

Get Informed

Wildfires is one of the top priorities at the Governor's Office. Assembly Bill 72 was passed to support this initiative.

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Get Involved

Support disaster and recovery related activities by donating or volunteering your time.

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Get Prepared

There are hazards near your area that you may not be aware of. Find out what they are to prepare before it strikes.

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We're here to help

The State of California is no stranger to the harsh reality of wildfire and other natural disasters. Far too often, the people and communities hit hardest by these disasters are those often missing or left out of preparedness activities and least equipped to deal with them and their lasting impacts.

Governor Newsom and state lawmakers together invested $50 million through urgency legislation (AB 72) to establish the California for All Emergency Preparedness Campaign, which is now called Listos California. Our campaign aims to boost disaster preparedness among our diverse and vulnerable Californians by connecting them to culturally and linguistically competent support through a grass-roots, people-centered approach.

To ensure success, the campaign empowers and engages local communities on emergency preparedness to support California's diverse and vulnerable populations, which can be described by social vulnerability factors including social isolation, poverty, language barriers, and other access and functional needs challenges.

On Tuesday, August 20, a press release issued by the Office of Governor Gavin Newsom officially kicked off Listos California, which included a full list of all campaign grantee partners. Our trusted and effective partners include community-based organizations, Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) programs, the 8-hour training program in English and Spanish called “Listos,” AmeriCorps, AmeriCorps NCCC, Fire Safe Councils, and others.

Listos California is getting our vulnerable and diverse populations throughout California ready for wildfires, earthquakes and floods.